Monday, August 9, 2010

The most amazing woman you would ever meet!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how great my Nana was!! She has been the PERFECT role model for all of us in our family!! She was an amazing grandmother. She loved the Lord with all her heart and she is in heaven with him. She had been sick on and off so many times, and this last time, I just had a feeling she wasnt going to pull through. My grandfather and her had drove from florida to massachusetts, to visit family. When she was up there she was having difficulty breathing, they ended up calling for an ambulance, and being admitted to Hyannis Mass hospital, on Cape Cod. My mother, Olivia and I decided to take a flight out late tuesday night. I was hoping to get there in time to say hi to her before she was admitted to ICU. She was diagnosed with pneumonia, had heart failure, kidney problems and many other issues, that complicated everything. Unfortunately we did not make it there before they had to put her on the vent, which if you dont know, basically is a tube down your throat and your hooked up to his machine that breathes for you. The first time walking into her room and seeing her, broke my heart. I could tell she was so uncomfortable and just looked so awful!! They had her on lots of meds, to keep her semi out of it. Sporatically opening her eyes, moving her arms and even having tears roll down her cheeks at some points. It was so amazing, she was as if she was "sleeping" as you were talking to her, and then she would peep open her eyes, look at you with a glazed stare and a tear would drip down her face, it was bittersweet!! I talked to her and told her how much she meant to me. Thanked her for showing me how to be such a great mom and wife. My grandparents have been married for 66 wonderful years!! that is something to be sooo proud of :) She was a strong woman of God and lived for him everyday of her life. She would even call me in february to say Happy Rebirth day, the day that I accepted christ into my heart, now you cant get any better than that!!

We spent everyday at the hospital with her. At one point the doctors tried to take her off the vent but her body was not strong enough on her own, her labs and xrays were not getting better, and she could not fight much longer. On sunday morning, we had to leave and head back to texas, this was the hardest goodbye that I have ever had to do. I lost it.... deep down, i knew that it was goodbye for a while. I got a call sunday afternoon that they removed the vent, meaning that she was not well. They wanted to do blood transfusions on her amongst other things, and it was probably going to be to much for her. It was her time to go be with the Lord. Alot of the family was with her, singing hymns and praying for comfort and peace. I know that she is healed and running free in heaven!!! I am so blessed to have great memories to cherish for years and years to come!!!

Nana, Mackenzie, Me and Grandpa-florida 2009

Visiting the ICU, they were so great allowing us to see great nana

for the first time!! Olivia was waving and saying HI, HI, Hi!!

My favorite picture.... For obvious reasons, this was the only four generations

picture i could take. I know i will cherish it forever!!

She meant the WORLD to me....

I took this picture, reminding me of what it is to be an amazing

wife, and to stand by your husband through everything, til the day we part!!

Debbie and Nana

Mom, Grandpa and Me

Such a great picture... He never left her side!!


I cant even begin to thank you for showing me how to live a perfect life. You were an inspiration to so many. You were an amazing mom, sister, grandma, wife, friend amongst so many others.
I will never forget all the great times we had together, trips in the RV, to and from florida, disney, baking apple pies, making your famous fudge, living with you in Gilmanton, you living with us in Loudon. You were there for so many life changing times in my life, graduations, dances, my wedding and you were here to see my children!! I am so greatful for everything you taught me and showed me. You are a legacy and I pray that I make you happy with everything I do and say!! I love you so much and I am going to miss you more than words can ever explain, but I know one day I will see you again!!

Family and The Beach- part 2

You can only keep twin 8 month olds and a 14 month little girl, at the hospital for so long!! They were the most perfect angels, but we had to break away and get to the beach for an hour and clear our heads!! Jack and Vinny are my cousins identical twin boys... they are the most precious little boys ever :) they were so great!! And when I say Identical, i mean Identical!!! One of them has a darker vein on their head, but pretty soon thats not going to help, and one has a little rounder face, so brenda marks their toes!! I think I have it down by the clothes that they wear :) Jack is in blue and then Vinny gets the other color!!! Its sooo confusing ;)

Jack and Vinny at the hospital

Boston Redsox and Celtics!! Too cute :)

All our second cousins.... Olivia, jack, Vinny, Adam and Claire

Falmouth Beach

Hanging Out!!!

Digging in the sand...

Love Them!!

Me, Livie and Jack



Brenda and her boys!!!

A Quick Trip Back Home- first part

This past week I got a phone call that my nana was rushed to the hospital, because she could not breath well. My grandpa and her were up visiting family on cape cod, mass. She has been sick in the past, struggling with pneumonia and has had heart failure, which lead into her receiving a pacemaker a couple months back. Nana was in the hospital for a couple days and she wasnt doing well at all, her pneumonia was really bad, along with other issues, heart,eating and kidneys to name a few. A few months back she was really sick in florida, and we did not think she was going to make it. I passed the opportunity to go and see her, hoping and praying that I would see her one day again!! When I heard that she was not doing well this time, I knew this could be my last opportunity to see her again. I struggled all day on tuesday, looking at flights, rental cars and went back and forth with going and not going. It was not going to be cheap, no matter which way I went!! One reason I wanted to go back was to have nana meet Olivia, she was the only one in the family that she had not met yet, and I really wanted that 4 generations picture, like I had with Mackenzie!!

I dont think I have ever packed so fast..... I talked my mother into going with me, through clothes in a suitcase, literally, and was almost about to run out the door, with less than an hour till our flight took off!! I was pretty much walking out the door when i thought, what am i doing??? I turned and looked at thomas and said I have to take livie!!! so i ran in, grabbed her clothes and a couple of diapers and was out the door, in less than a half hour!! It was the biggest whirlwind ever!!

We flew into boston tuesday and landed at midnight. Drove an hour and half to the hospital, was there til about 345 am, with livie and then headed back to my cousin Brenda's house!! I have to say she was the best host ever!! We stayed up til all hours of the night chatting, after being at the hospital all day!! It was a great time catching up with family!! Here are some of the pictures from our trip.....

Olivia was super on the flight!!

Grandpa and Olivia

Me, Grandpa and Mom at our "home" for the week!!

Debbie ("my big sis") me and mom

grandpa and two of his three girls (aunt judy is not pictured)

Gramps and livie

2nd cousins, brenda and Olivia

Debbie and Vinny

Uncle Bob and Olivia

The humidity was great on her hair!! It was sooo curly!!

Dunkin Donuts!!!

A breakaway to the beach to stick our toes in. This is Nauset Beach, in Orleans, Cape Cod.

This beach brings back so many memories of us when we were younger, we "lived" here during the summer!!




It was soooo cold it hurt!!!

She got soaked!!!

To be continued......

Monday, August 2, 2010


I want to say that livie is attatched to two things!! One is her big sister and the other is her "luvie". She is at that age... where sis is, she is!! And i love it !!! Olivia is loving to learn everything her mackenzie will teach, good and bad!! The best one is that she LOVES giving kisses, and doing the mmmmmm sound to give them. Her is morning kisses to her big sis....

And here is livie with her favorite luvie's!!! I always wanted kenz to be attatched to something other than a binkie, but unfortunately there was never another "thing".... So we passed down this luvie on the right and livie is attatched, the one on the left is backup and i am soooo excited because there is no binkie!! whahooo!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Please Pray!!!

Family is the most important thing in my life!! I LOVE my family and grew up so close to my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents!! I still consider us really close, although we are spread throughout the states, from california, texas, florida and up to massachusetts. Early this evening I got a phone call from my mother... I always know something is up when she calls sporatically during the week!! My uncle Glenn has been complaining about leg pains. They thought that it might be blood clots or something to that extent, but they just found out that he has bone cancer. Not really sure of all the details yet. I believe they are waiting to see if it spread to anywhere else in the body. I am asking for prayers first off for my aunt, she is such a strong woman, but I know she could use prayers for strength!! And of course prayer for my uncle, prayers of healing and comfort. They have three kids, they are all around my age and I know it is extremely hard for them, please keep them in your prayers also :) Here is a picture of Aunt Judy and Uncle Glenn.... They came to colorado last year with us!! I just love them.. xoxoxo

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Fun Picture's of The Girls!!

Mackenzie's Day Golfing with Daddy

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July 2010

This year we decided to have some people over to enjoy the holiday with, about 30!! It was such a great weekend!! My sister and the girls came up and then we just had a mixture of friends, old church friends and then work friends!! It was such a great time!! I think my pics are in reverse order... but oh well!!

Thomas and kenz enjoying fireworks from the park in our neighborhood, so convenient!!

This is the only picture i took of the whole party :( pretty bummed, but atleast

you can see my nice flag fruit pizza!! It was so yummy!!

My baby girl and I enjoying the quick parade!!

My family!!

The girls loved this horse because it was wearing the same headband

as them!!

Snowie bus!!

Taking it all in :)

My favorite part of the parade!! I love the bikes :)


My sis and the girls

I say this in every picture.... the bestest of cousins!!

making faces at daddy/uncle thomas!!

The bestest sister and best friend in the world!!

and the craziest neice :)

Miss homemaker :)

My little firecracker.... finally a healthy snack!!

New toy from auntie!!


Happy 4th of July!!!